Thursday, October 25, 2012

30% off Halloween Costumes at Kid'Swap Rockaway

30% savings on Halloween costumes and Halloween themed clothing at Kid'Swap Rockaway

350 Boro Plaza, Route 46, next to Giggles in Rockaway

Additionally, marked down items have been moved to the "bin cave," where prices are just $1-$2 per item. You have to be a hunter, but you can definitely find some deals. I picked up an adorable Gymboree shirt for $2 last week, as well as a cute pair of toddler jeans just last week.

There is an upcoming promotion beginning 10/29 and extending through 11/2 where you can get 20% off on casual wear clothing dated 07/31/2012 and prior.  Nightwear, Dancewear, heavy weight vests, coats and jackets, rain jackets are not included. Details here.