Wednesday, January 20, 2010


1. Carina wakes up at 5 am. Great. We all wake up.

2. 5:30 am all settled down again and I have a sudden sore throat & think I will die if I don’t deal with the situation. Get up, take cough syrup.

3. Lay there until 6.

4. Got showered & dressed without incident.

5. Made my lunch & Carina’s. She sits in the highchair supervising and picking at her Cheerios, while drinking her milk.

6. Decided to wear new brown loafers that I am much enamored with. Put right foot in and am delighted with fit of the shoe and the way the shoe goes perfectly with my outfit. Cannot. Jam. Left foot. Into. Shoe. Agghhh! Look carefully at “left” shoe. Is right shoe. They both are. Also, real right shoe is size 8.5, which is nice. The wrong shoe is entirely wrong and is size 10. Kohls. WTF?

7. Resort to plan B – older shoes.

8. Report to bathroom to dry hair. Cannot find wide-toothed comb that I use every day of my life. Is not in bathroom. Begin search of Carina’s hiding spots – under sofas, under beds, in corners of the room, near her highchair. No luck. Hair begins drying wildly around head as I run around the house.

9. Rob is mad. He is stuck trying to get ready while Carina roams the bedroom in search of forbidden items, while I hunt. She attacks my jewelry box and he defends it.

10. Give up on the comb, use fingers and travel-sized brush to sort out hair that is still weird, but more acceptable. Put Carina’s hair into ponytail.

11. Go to kitchen. Put slice of bread on counter. Microwave egg for egg sandwich I eat for breakfast every day (lunches are already packed & made). Turn around. Bread is gone. Search for comb & bread. Call dog, cursing him, as he stole the bread two weeks ago. No dog. Dog is still outside. Hear Rob saying in the bathroom, “Did Mommy give you that big piece of bread?” Walk into bathroom. There is Carina eating a large slice of whole wheat bread.

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