Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year - Reinventing the blog

Previously I kept this blog to myself, despite my promise to myself that I would try to market it. So, this is my first post that I am making public.

My New Years resolution is to post every single day in 2011 and self-promote unabashedly.

The exception would be a repeat of the memorably weird illness (Slapped Cheek Syndrome) my husband and I got from daycare in the summer of 2009, which resulted in me having a fever of 103, literally shaking my head to try to clear it on the drive home from work, then laying on the couch on my side trying not to look directly at anything, which, when I did focus, resulted in me losing my lunch, dinner, breakfast, then possibly parts of my esophagus. Luckily, the fever cleared in 24 hours, but then I felt like I was 99 and had arthritis. Initially my husband didn't understand, but awoke the next morning and literally fell to his kneees when his ankle gave out. The two of us walked around like the reverse of the movie, "Cocoon." We endured around 3 days of acute pain, then our ankles crackled for a few weeks afterwards. If that happens again, I give myself permission ahead of time to slack off.

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