Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chuck E Cheese's in East Hanover

It was another rainy day today - so much for springtime walks in the park!

When last we took our toddler to Chuck E Cheese's, she was around a year and a half old and was not interested in the least. She basically cowered, which was no fun for anyone.

Upon entering this time, the greeter stamped both me and my toddler with a stamp that was only visible under a blacklight - the baby got a sticker with the same stamp that could be put on the stroller. These stamps are checked when you leave to ensure you're leaving with the right kid. There was no admission fee. All of the games require tokens. Tokens can be purchased via machines or token packages can be purchased at the restaurant counter.

The games were toddler-appropriate with a slide and some achievable games of shorter stature. My daughter's favorite game involved touching a TV screen to pop bubbles, and another game where you push down on a big lever and a barrage of balls fly up in the air and hopefully into a hopper, so you can get tickets. Also, there was a cute portrait machine that you sit in for a picture - for only one token it prints your picture onto a credit card-like kid's card. There was free play area with tunnels and climbing, but it was too challenging for my not-yet three year old.

Tired from trying all of the games and running up and down a free toddler-sized slide, we retired to a booth and enjoyed our pizza, wrapping up the day by gathering up our points/tickets and getting a substantial lollipop, a plastic bracelet and a quartet of neon stickers. There were large-sized singing animals on the stage at the front which the kids found entertaining and a live appearance by the Cheese himself was another fun happening.

Mom2Mom: Coupons for Chuck E. Cheese's appear regularly in the Sunday coupon circulars. I used a coupon which entitled me to 30 game tokens, 1 large pizza with 1 topping and 3 fountain drinks for $19.99. We stayed for two and a half hour's worth of entertainment in a clean, safe and fun environment, which also included a pizza lunch that fed two adults and a toddler with some to spare (the other toddler is anti-pizza). I think it was a great deal!