Monday, January 3, 2011

Banking for toddlers

My 2 year old is enamored with her piggy (well, actually duck) bank and loves to find coins to put in there, even going so far as to take them out of our wallets, on one occasion. Her duck was overflowing, so we decided to take her to the bank today. Our bank is Wachovia, but we went to TD Bank, since we *thought* they had free coin counting.

My daughter walked in very cutely with her quilted purse in the shape of a horse bulging with a ziploc bag of coins. She & my husband went inside while I waited in the car. About 5 minutes passed and they came out - neither smiling. She kept asking me, "Where money go?" sadly. My husband carried the bills and told me they took 6% of Carina's piggybank, since we're not customers. I had been thinking what a nice service it was and that maybe we should have an account for her there, but seriously? 6%?.

Again, she & daddy went into Wachovia and deposited her $47 and change from the piggybank (I guess loose change really does add up!), along with Christmas money gifts from relatives in her savings account, then also put our newborn's Christmas checks into her account. Our bank gave her a lollipop, which she was very happy with and promptly stopped wondering where her money went.

We put money away for her for college, but that's a passive action that she doesn't see and I'd like her to understand how to both spend and save wisely.

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