Saturday, January 1, 2011

Twos - funny and not so terrible

I'm really enjoying daughter #1. She's almost 2 and a half and it's not so much any one thing that cracks me up, it's the odd combinations of ensembles and actions.

The first thing that comes to mind is two days ago when she walked around the house with her little plastic grocery shopping cart. She had her glo-worm doll in the front part where a baby and or a purse would go. The cart part was loaded with play boxes of food and actual cans she'd swiped from my pantry, which were crabmeat, tomatoes and pineapple. There was still snow on the deck, so she begged to lean outside and I let her have a bowl to play with the snow. She immediately scooped up a bowlful, popped some in her mouth with her finger, said, "mmmm snow!" and added it to her odd assortment in the shopping cart - walking slowly around, pushing her cart, nibbling proudly on the snow and continuing to make "mmm" noises along her meandering route. She looked a lot like a homeless person. She asked to re-fill her bowl several times.

Tonight we had company. After they left, she insisted on putting on her purple winter hat, which is a light lilac fleece with a small explosion of purple strands at the top and a neck strap, which she left undone - my first impression was that she looked like a very young pilot who had recently landed. Her long hair swung in front of her eyes. On her feet were a pair of boots - the last pair of snowboots at Walmart that we bought when caught off-guard by the recent blizzard. The boots are two sizes too big and she put them on herself, with the unfortunate consequence that the toes pointed outwards. Thus adorned she stood in front of her play cash register and joyfully "purchased" her own toys.

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