Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What to do with a toddler and a newborn during the day?

Having worked since my 2+ year old was only 3 months, I never had to think much about what to do to occupy her. She was busy at daycare and afterwards normal family obligations took up the rest of the time (to the point where we were mostly too busy).

I've been on maternity leave since a few weeks before I had my now 6 week old. It's mostly been too cold out to have my toddler outside with the newborn during the day, so I've been looking for things to do. Today I googled playgroups and found one meeting at St. Ann's Church in Parsippany - no cost. I showed up, my daughter jumped right in, the other moms were nice and we didn't talk about religion at all, except during storytime when one of the moms, who is of Mexican descent, talked about Christmas in Mexico, which I found very interesting - she also brought along a special Mexican bread/cake that she shared with the kids.

It's tough to find things to do locally with kids, so I'm starting a Morris County Mom calendar. I will post reviews of events I attend in my blog

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