Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pathmark trip - cheap gift wrap & free newspaper!

I stopped in at Pathmark in Parsippany to pick up a few things - well, honestly, with a picky toddler, chicken nuggets are a mainstay, so we just couldn't do without. I actually found these really cool, healthy chicken nuggets that are dinosaur shaped. They were around $5 a box and the package is a generous 28 oz - they have Omega 3s and iron AND have a great re-sealable plastic bag, so I was able to ditch the cardboard & save myself a bunch of freezer space.

Towards the front of the store was a very small rack that had two bins of wrapping paper at 75% off. I was able to buy 40 square foot rolls for $.25 each and they had some nice patterns available. Great deal!

Next to the gift wrap was a sleazy Star Ledger sales guy with a sign that said "Free Star Ledger newspaper" above a stack of papers. I asked him if I could take one and he gave me a curt no and proceeded to give me a sales pitch about 7 day delivery. At the end of it I told him I was a loyal Daily Record reader and couldn't commit and he suggested I read a free copy and check it out (I was happy to have the extra coupons, since I'm going to re-commit to couponing this year). So, a free newspaper, cheap gift wrap and some miscellaneous groceries - a good trip!

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