Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MyGym Review - Parsippany

I went to MyGym in Parsippany today. I called and didn't get anyone on the phone, which was a little frustrating, since I wasn't sure it was worthwhile suiting up both kids, since the class might be filled, but I went ahead and got everyone together.

When I got there I saw why there was no one answering the phone - it was a two woman shop & they were very warm & welcoming. They gave me some paperwork to fill out with basic info and did not ask for money, I assume because new people are always extended a free class. Parents enter the floor in their socks, kids go sockless and shoeless (I was glad I'd painted little Miss' toenails, because she was very proud to show off her feet).

The place was super clean and inviting with bright colors and different play spaces, including tumbling mats, a huge industrial-pipe sized "hot dog" filled with air that kids could bounce on and ride, a nice sized ballpit with two entrance points to keep kids moving through, a toddler basketball area, a balance beam and a high beam, a smaller trampoline that served as a catalyst to a big trampoline, a plastic slide and two side by side larger wooden slides.

The center of the carpeted floor was a circle & circle time was about gentle exercises, songs, guided play and puppets for parents and kids. The staff kept things moving throughout the one hour class - there was a "surprise" activity - playing with bean bags, swings that were suddenly produced and hung from the ceiling, beach balls that swung from the ceiling and a giant parachute that we all grabbed to keep the "popcorn" balls popping.

Mom2Mom: The moms were nice, the staff was absurdly nice, the place was clean & the play was very guided. My daughter is a bit of free spirit, so I'm not sure it's for us, but I can definitely see a lot of kids really enjoying this. There is a $10 coupon in the Entertainment Book for the first month & the cost is around $80/month for one class a week, plus two one hour time slots on two evenings for free play.

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